Woodland Avenue Revitalization Project....

is a grass roots, resident driven, long term revitalization program targeting the 1100, 1200, & 1300 blocks of Woodland Avenue.  The revitalization initiative is spearhead by the Brightwood Civic Group with professional staff support from the Northside Leadership Conference.  In the fall of 2008, BCG formed a committee to begin documenting existing land use conditions, home ownership, vacancy rates, nuisance properties, property conditions and tax delinquency.

In collecting and analyzing the data, a strategic plan began to emerge.  With strengthening homeownership as the first priority, rehab for resale began to emerge as the appropriate use for the distressed properties in the targeted area.  At the same time, BCG has focused efforts to monitor nuisance properties through efforts of the block watch, successfully advocated for the elimination of serveral problem tenants and targeted demolition of several abandon properties.  With several of the social issues being addressed, BCG now undertakes to the rehab and resale of properties that will begin to make a change in the market momentum of the street.  The photo of 1407 Woodland is the first property completed by Brightwood CivicGroup.

Currently Brightwood Civic Group owns 7 homes in the targeted area with the intention of rehabbing or demolishing and returning the properties to home ownership.  The first two homes of the following photographs will be the next two buildings Brightwood Civic Group will rehab.  The rehabbed homes will greatly improve the quality of life on the street and will feature alley access to the properties. 

           1324 Woodland Ave BEFORE                                        1324 Woodland Ave AFTER

                1324 Woodland Ave.  BEFORE                                                                                           1324 Woodland Ave AFTER

            1320 Woodland Ave.  BEFORE                         1320 Woodland Ave AFTER


     2649 Brighton Rd - in progress                       1214 Woodland Ave.- in progress              1213 Woodland Ave.- in progress

1208 Woodland - this building DEMO'D and now available for Side Yard

1134 Woodland Ave - in progress of renovation